“Anne of Green Gables”: not such an innocent show

The movie Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite movies, and has been for many years. I didn’t see a problem with it until my daughter wanted to watch one of “mommy’s shows” with me, and it happened to be this movie.
In my moment of stupidity I let her watch it with me. I quickly remembered that Anne is an orphan. The actors often use language such as, “it’s your fault this happened,” and then proceed to return her to the orphanage. A friend comes to the house and asks, “Will you keep her?” They also talk to Anne about lying and her behavior and tell her that they will take her back if it doesn’t improve immediately.
The last time we watched it, I quickly fast forwarded the movie so that we could skip all the talk of “returning a child,” and “not wanting a girl.”
The first time she saw it, I wasn’t so smart. I let her watch most of it, although that was many months ago. Payton loved seeing Anne and her new adoptive “father” ride in the carriage pulled by horses. This last time I had to skip that part, and she wanted to know where the horses were. To her dismay we won’t be watching the horses pulling the carriage for a very long time.
After Anne attends the social it is fairly safe to watch with an adopted child. But then, that’s just my opinion.