CASA: this ones a Godsend

I know I have mentioned this before, but I felt it worth repeating. God is so good, and I feel that to not speak about this goodness would be to ignore what He is doing in children’s lives. Some people tend to forget that miracles still exist, and think that God isn’t moving in amazing ways. I am not excluding myself from this group. I never saw all that God was doing until I ventured into the realm of foster care. My eyes have truly been opened.
The miracle I am speaking of today is a woman named Dorothy. She is Jeremiah’s CASA worker. She is a volunteer. The CASA workers job is to be an advocate for the child, and only the child.
When she began this case she was working full time, and in partnership with her husband, she cared for a small farm. Her husband became very sick during the course of Jeremiah’s case, and Dorothy decided that she was going to drop all of her CASA cases EXCEPT for his!
We are extremely thankful that she stayed on with Jeremiah’s case, as she has been a wonderful advocate for him. She is a professional in the development of young children; this is what she actually does for her day job. On numerous occasions she has been able to testify that Jeremiah’s development is far behind when he visits his bio father, and is almost where he should be when he’s at home with us. She has testified to many other things as well.
She has taken time off work to attend all court hearings and to observe Jeremiah here at our home and at his visits with his bio parents several times.
I am so thankful that God has leant her to Jeremiah and to us! What more could we ask for? Nothing.

Note: If you want to do something for children, or have been interested in adoption or foster care and just can’t do it, being a CASA is a great way to help children and be their voice. Contact your local CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) office and talk to them about volunteering.