For many months Payton has enjoyed playing with my hair. She also loves going with me to the salon to get her hair cut. At preschool recently, her and her friends were doing each others hair, which basically meant they pulled their ponytails out, brushed it a little, and ran off to find a new activity to emerge themselves in.

a pic of our friend Jake

Last night Payton and Jeremiah were in the bath together, Payton was putting water on Jeremiah’s hair and it was getting a little curly. She said, “I make you hair pretty like Jake’s.” Jake has curly blonde hair. She loves being a stylist… or anyone in charge for that matter.

birthday girl

Payton is 3!

I cannot believe my little girl is 3!!! Let me say it again. Three!!! I will have to go against all writing advice and share the cliche: “Oh how time flies.” Should I add, “When you’re having fun?” ARE we having fun yet? OH YEAH!!!!
Having a toddler presents many exciting times and its fair share of challenges, and when you have Payton for a daughter, you have a few more added to the already full breakfast platter. Despite any challenges that may arise, she is the funnest little girl. Just realized that “funnest” is not really a word. Oh well. Every day with her brings new sayings, words, laughable moments, yelling induced moments, and a whole lot of other interesting occasions to make life more enriching.
And that’s exactly what Payton does, she enriches our lives. I can’t imagine life without her. For one thing, I know it would be super duper boring, and it would have a lot less hugs.
For her birthday, we invited all her friends to Banana’s Fun Park (and to Payton’s dismay there are no real bananas at Banana’s) where they all played on the Bump & Jump’s (the gigantic inflatable jump houses) and enjoyed Tinker Bell cupcakes.
Justin’s parents, sister, and brother-in-law all made it to the party, as well as my parents. What wonderful family we have!

i wear my sunglasses…

Payton loves to play with her jewelry, and lately I’ve been calling her Mrs. T because of all the jangles hanging around her neck. This morning when she was trying to fix one of her necklaces, she said, “I need my glasses, I can’t see.” Since sunglasses are the only glasses she owns, I got them for her. I just don’t think they’ll accomplish what she was expecting. I have a feeling she’s copying her Grandma Jane, who searches for her nearest pair of eyes when she can’t see.

can you see now?

she makes us laugh

Payton loves seeing the garbage truck. Anywhere. She has a movie that depicts the book Trashy Town, and she is obsessed with the trash truck and trash man. If a truck drives down our street, her ears are perked and she is checking it out. Today it was the UPS truck. She said, ‘That not Trashy Town.” I responded, “No, it’s not. It’s called UPS.” She very adamantly replied, “I not a P S.”


Ready, set, jump around. Payton is enjoying gymnastics class. She calls it “nastics.” I think she likes the fact that kids are there more than anything else. Her second favorite part would be the 40 ft. long running trampoline. Oh, and the gigantic donut that Miss Mary rolls them in is a huge crowd pleaser.

This girl is a brave one, now climbing on everything like a monkey. I am not sure which of my monkeys will break their arm first, I can only hope neither of them do. That may just be wishful thinking!