April – National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Below is a infographic you can share with others via Facebook, Twitter, or any way you choose.



Below is the video ReMoved (only 12 minutes long). It’s a must watch for everyone really, not just foster parents, those interested in adoption, and child advocates.

I love what Lori McClurg said, “These children are our children; we all share in the responsibility to help improve their life outcomes.” She’s right, everyone needs to step up and do something for these kids who’ve been dealt such a blow in life. Not everyone is able to become a foster parent, but you can be a mentor, a tutor, or support foster and adoptive parents.

“Sometimes someone hurts you so bad, it stops hurting at all. until something makes you feel again, and then it all comes back; every word, every hurt, every moment.” – ReMoved short film

“I am unseen, unheard, unwanted. That is what I am, if even I am anything.” – ReMoved

“It seemed like it was night time and nightmares, and never morning.” – ReMoved

“Push hard enough, and soon they all prove empty.” (regarding foster parents) – ReMoved

“The past, my history, my story, is not my fault.” – ReMoved

“I am lovable, I am worthy of care.” – ReMoved


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