trauma focused equine therapy (adoption/foster)

I found this information in an email from The Child Trauma Academy on Spirit Reins Equine Therapy:

“Participants learned that the brains of “prey” animals, such as horses, are organized much like that of a traumatized and hypervigilant children who are constantly scanning the environment for threat. The horse, for one, senses a child’s hypervigilance instinctively – and demands that the child learn to master internal regulation, but also the horse will not tolerate “bad behavior” in the same way that humans or dogs will.  However, unlike humans, horses remember past bad behavior but “forgive” it if the child is currently behaving better in the moment. By responding to and rewarding what a child is doing in the present, rather than remembering and responding to what he or she did in the past, the horse provides immediate feedback to the client that the new social skills the client is practicing are effective.”

Spirit Reins is located in Texas, but if you are not in Texas, there is a good chance you can find an equine therapy center near you. You can find out more about Spirit Reins here.
*I have not experienced Spirit Reins first hand.