the power’s in the power washer

I was wielding our power washer, spraying down all the children’s toys in the power washerbackyard on a warm afternoon. My husband usually takes on these sorts of tasks, but I enjoy the outcome of my labors once I am finished. Okay, it really wasn’t my labors. That power washer is mighty forceful! All I had to do was use a sweeping hand motion, close my eyes and mouth, and the hose in my hand did the rest.
As I did my back yard clean-up, I acknowledged how the process was a lot like us and God. He has the power, we don’t. How many times do we think we are the ones in charge bowling through life hitting every pin? Sometimes it’s hard to remember who’s really wielding that power washer.
This related well to being an adoptive parent, and former foster parent. While in this process of growing and being made aware of our struggles, as well as the children’s, we see miracles happen weekly, if not daily. God makes things happen when we pray for these kids, He doesn’t let them fall out of His arms. We see His power. And it is mighty.
No matter what I can do in my children’s lives, it is Him who is working through me. I don’t have the patience. I don’t have enough love to fill someone in such pain. But He can do all things.
Using that power washer taught me many things that afternoon. I hope I won’t forget.