celebrity adoptions

Nia Vardalos adopted a three-year-old girl from foster care, and has penned theNia_Vardalos story of her search for a child. The comments on her book release go from praise to criticism. I don’t understand the criticism. She adopted, not only that, but she didn’t take the route that many celebrities take and adopt a newborn. She and her husband put their hearts on the line in hopes of finding their daughter through foster care.

Society has a problem with celebrities getting recognized for anything besides what they do in the lime light. Comments are made about Jamie Lee Curtis using her stardom to get her children’s books published (never mind that they are intriguing for both kids and adults). Brad and Angelina are criticized for adopting a few children internationally (Did those children not need a home?). I can name many others, but now there is Nia Vardalos, trying to share her story, her touching adoption story of a child lost and then found. A story about two people opening their hearts to the unknown. Is this condemnation of stars doing something good because Americans are jealous? They seem to be okay with watching the movies these stars perform in, they enjoy listening to the music they produce, so where does this hypocritical stance come from?

I am happy she is finally speaking out about her adoption. Maybe more people will consider foster care after hearing her story.

You can see her interview here. I LOVE where she says “It’s strange, isn’t it, we’d be more likely to take in a dog we found in the street. I say in the book, a dog who could eat your face while you’re asleep and yet here are these children and there are so many children, 130,000 legal emancipated children in the u.s., children in every country that need a home.”