catching a passion


When you “catch” a passion for adoption, it takes hold and changes your life. There are so many people who are in the process of adoption, or who have completed adoptions who have blogs or write entire books on their experience.
Since I am one of them, I think I’ve figured out why. Adoption sometimes begins as this concept that you will change the world for one child. You will lift them from a life of abuse and neglect, or be their mommy/daddy after they’ve been abandoned by the one person who was supposed to love them. Or maybe, you will love a child who was born to a mom who felt she had no other choice but adoption.

After the child comes into your accepting arms, you may see that it is also you who has been changed. Something far beyond yourself begins to take flight, and your hooked. For many, it’s something they want to share with the world.
Before my husband and I adopted we helped start an Adoption Support Group. Through this group, people who are interested in adoption or foster-to-adopt can get in contact with us, and we can help answer questions.

A couple weeks ago, I spoke with a woman who is interested in adopting through foster care. After answering what questions I could, I told her that I could speak with someone at the Department of Human Services and get them in contact with her. She immediately felt she was imposing on my time. I assured her she wasn’t, trying to explain to her that I love helping people adopt, and helping children find loving families. “It’s like a hobby,” I told here. It’s not a job, or something I feel obligated to do, I just enjoy watching compassionate families and lonely children come together.

It really is wonderful to have a happy ending to something that may have begun so tragically. It’s almost addictive. Now I know why there are families full of adopted children. Once you get a glimpse of the need, it’s hard to ignore.