separation of church and state

Most governments tend to stick to the much discussed and debated first amendment; Separation of Church and State. However, the process of meshing these two entities is looming on the horizon in our Department of Human Services Child Welfare division.
Why? Well, I had a conversation recently with our PRM (one of our social workers). He said there are two things they see in people who come to the Dept. and want to be licensed to do foster care. One, they are religious. Two, they know Justin and I personally, or another foster parent.
He went on to say that they are going to be focusing their foster parent recruitment on churches!!! I had to ask myself if this was a joke? It’s not, and it’s so exciting. They have had quite a few new foster parents come from our Woven Families Adoption Group. As all of these families begin doing foster care, the Dept. in our county is realizing that many “church attending” foster parents take good care of the children that are placed with them.
I am overwhelmed by all that God has done since we joined forces with the Department two and a half years ago. This PRM is now going full time to recruit new foster parents. They want to focus on churches, and on having current foster parents gather their friends who are interested to discuss fostering.
Foster children are in dire need of good foster homes, but it seems that at least in our community, it is already in the works. Praise God! May He watch over these children!