“santa cwas”

I am trying to learn how to be Santa. I never envisioned it being too difficult, if I ever gave it any thought at all. Last year wasn’t too laborsome, as Payton hadn’t turned two yet, and Jeremiah was only a few months old. Even a ditzy Santa could take care of that one.
This year has proved to be a bit more complex, mainly because we have an intelligent, almost three-year-old girl who this Santa has to fool. It’s really not as easy as you might think.
The following problems are posing as my adversaries: First being that I am not very good at keeping present related secrets. Not my forte, just ask my parents and husband who have all had many gift surprises ruined by… me. Secondly, while helping my daughter write a letter to Santa, I realized that maybe I should actually go out and purchase those items on her list. Duh! At least for now the list consists of a package of “Grandpa’s cookies” (Fig Newtons), and a jar of pickles. =) Not too difficult.
My third predicament comes in the shape of a short female with big brown eyes that turn green when she’s in a certain mood. She’s way too smart. I have spelled the words, “ice cream,” “potty,” and “cookies” all on separate occasions and she has immediately figured out what I had spelled. Getting this Santa thing past her for any amount of time will be a feat of stupefying talent.