her name is Bella

Her name is Bella. A beautiful name. A beautiful girl. She is five. Only five. What hell has befallen this little girl in her few short years is unimaginable. The Department checked on her and her sister ELEVEN times before they removed them, and placed them in foster care. She has been in seven foster homes in one year, four of them within one month. She is five.

She has spent time in an Alternative Treatment Unit, living there instead of with a family. She has been diagnosed with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and has sexualized behaviors that she acts on. Heartbreaking. I talked with a Worker at the Dept. who has been there for twenty years and she has never seen a child this young diagnosed with RAD.

This little girl may soon be deemed unadoptable, and placed in an institution. Someone can adopt her before that happens, it will take exceptional strength and love that I believe God can provide. It will take years for her to return any love that is shown to her. She cannot be in a home with other children. There is a small possibility that they will allow her to be in a home with a teenager.

Please join me in praying for this little girl. This earthly life has done nothing good for her. I cannot imagine the pain she must feel, not being close to anyone, not having the love of a mother or father. I am praying that a loving and competent couple would step up and take her in their arms. It’s not too difficult to imagine since we are involved with a group of people who are wanting to adopt. It will take some very special people, and God will have to place it on their heart to be God’s hands and feet for this little child.

Bella. May she find a beautiful life.