changes in the works

I have been hearing some disturbing news about the Department of Human Services lately. Some of the information has to do with other counties, but some of it is in reference to ours.

A reliable source recently told me that our county ranked highest in the amount of Terminations that are filed every year. This means the Termination of Parental Rights. Workers from our county were sent to Colorado Springs (who is ranked very low in the number of Terminations filed), where they took a look at what their county is doing. Is this so that they can make changes and not have as many Terminations filed?

I asked this reliable source when this all took place. She said it happened this summer. Then it all began making sense. I saw some major changes taking place this summer. When we renewed our Homestudy with the Dept. in October we were asked if we had any issues that we wanted to discuss and how the Dept. was doing from our perspective.

I told them I didn’t have any problems in regards to our case. At that time I felt Workers listened to what we said, and were doing what they could. (Most decisions made in our case have to do with following the law, and sadly laws need to be changed.) But, I did tell them that I saw some changes being made in the Dept. that I didn’t like. I was seeing children go back to bio parents that shouldn’t be. I saw reorganization beginning to take place. The Dept. tried to take one of Jeremiah’s (foster son) Supervisors off the case, and I feel very strongly that it had to do with budget cuts.

Now, I had some answers. Maybe most of it had to do with the fact that their statistics weren’t looking so good. But they only look bad if you are BLIND! I do want the Dept. to be fair. I want biological parents to have a chance at getting their children back. The buck stops when the Workers are working harder to reunite than the bio parents are. It stops when Treatment Plans are overlooked and children are reunited when they clearly shouldn’t be. It stops when bio parents are the priority, not the children whom they abused and neglected.

In our county it is honestly very difficult to have a child removed from your home. It has to be REALLY bad. I know of a case where the Dept. checked on two kids eleven times before they were removed. What makes them go back eleven times and not realize that this is most likely not a good situation???
You can see the next post which is about one of the little girls who was finally removed from the home which they checked ELEVEN times.