Payton and her favorite present

Yes, pickles. Payton LOVES them. We don’t usually have them at our house. If we did, she would eat them every day and her sodium levels might turn her into the proverbial pillar of salt.When we visit Grandma & Grandpa she always gets to eat pickles, and that is something she looks forward to very much. Ahhh the joys of childhood.
While celebrating Thanksgiving with her Uncle & Aunt, we exchanged Christmas gifts. Knowing of Payton’s love of pickles, her Aunt chose the best gift I think Payton has ever received, pickles.
She was enthralled with her jar of pickles when she opened them. Soon after, I told her that we would be taking pics of her and Jeremiah. She immediately grabbed that jar of pickles and went straight to the front of the fireplace where we have taken pictures on a few occasions. It was hilarious. Guess she liked her pickles.