a path chosen or destined?

God can work anything out for His good. Well, this is what my husband, Justin, so lovingly reminded me of when I shared what I’d just realized.
What I realized is that we would be somewhere completely different if we hadn’t chosen to do foster care. In all fairness, it isn’t something I chose at first. God worked on a scared and worried heart, hence, bringing me to where I am now.
I, as well as Justin, have become advocates for foster care, wanting to implement changes and make life better for children who haven’t been given a life they deserve. I highly doubt I would have found such a passion for lost and hurting children had I not chosen to do foster care.
Sure, beginning with a China adoption brought up a passion I have for hurting kids, but would I be trying to make the changes that I am now? I just have to ask the question and wonder where I would be right now if I hadn’t chosen to take up something that was meant for me.
I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have a beautiful adopted girl, who has totally changed my life. I wouldn’t have an adorable foster son who we will most likely adopt. Both of these children have broken me for what breaks God’s heart.
They have made me pull my hair out, they have touched my heart deeply, they have showed me that I have a deep compassion that I was unaware of. They have made me laugh and smile with just a word or a sound or a giggle. They have made me a better person, or so I hope. If we had adopted from China, I would most likely not be a huge advocate for making changes in foster care.
But, as Justin reminded me, God can work everything out for His good. He works with our disobedient ways, he lets us make decisions for selfish reasons. Yet, He can still use us, and that amazes me.
I would love to adopt Internationally some day, there are orphans out there who desperately need homes. I also know there are children in America who need homes too. They all need love. I wonder how God will use us if we are willing and open. Some day I can look back and see what He does. I hope I am willing.