sooo sleepy

In my last post I talked about taking pictures of the kids so that when they look back they can see who they were.

sleepy Jeremiah

Here is another one of Jeremiah. He was falling asleep at lunch. I just love this because he has fought sleep for SOOOO  long. For many months after he came to us he would only take a couple of naps a day at twenty minutes each. And he was only a few months old. He would scream and cry, fighting against going to sleep. And, he didn’t start sleeping through the night until a couple months ago. To our dismay he woke up at 5:30 for many months. This child wasn’t fond of sleep. But now, he is falling asleep at the table!!! I believe this is a testament to how comfortable he is in his life. He doesn’t have to fight it anymore because he knows he will be safe.
We have experienced some of this before with our daughter, Payton. She would NOT fall asleep in the car – even after a seven hour car ride to her grandparents. It took her seven months of living in our home before she fell asleep in the car. I heard of the same thing happening with a girl who was adopted from China.
For Payton, she was moved several times in her first nine months of life. How comfortable would you be if you never knew where you were going to go or who you were going to be with? I sure wouldn’t want to fall asleep!!