10 minutes of fame (okay 2 min.)

I am so thrilled about this, I was able to share what my heart beats for…
We were on the local news. Here is the print version:

Giving Kids a Safe and Loving Home

Some families here on the Western Slope are working to raise awareness on the importance of adoption. It’s something they have done themselves and want share with others.

[This] County is recognizing the good some families have done, and in turn, declared the month of November as Adoption Awareness Month.
The Whitt family lives in [ ].
“We didn’t really want kids for a long time. We’ve been married for seven, eight years,” mother Tracy said.
Now they say this little girl fills their life with joy.
“She’s just an incredible blessing to our family,” father Justin said.
Two-year-old Payton has been living with her adoptive parents since she was nine months old. She was in foster care, before they legally adopted her.
“She had been in some other foster homes. She came walking up with her other foster mom, and I feel like I fell in love with her that day,” Tracy said.
The Whitt’s say adoption is one of the best moves of their lives.
“We’re constantly telling people why do you need more kids, go adopt one,” Justin said.
Payton was born in [This] County, and placed by the county’s Department of Human Services. The agency has about 25 kids at any time that are ready to find a permanent home.
“These are kids that the courts have determined are not allowed to go back with their biological parents,” Karen M. with the department said. “So these families have stepped up and provided a home for the children who need it the most.”
Payton knows about her biological family. Her parents say they will tell her more as she grows.
“We have pictures and we are going to share those when she gets a little older but right now it’s like, ‘you’re adopted.’ And we’re actually going to be celebrating her adoption day next weekend,” Tracy said.
Most of all, the Whitt family wants to share their message with others who are looking to become parents.
“These children are innocent. They’ve been given a life that sometimes, it’s not fair, it’s not right. So we should step up and love them, they’re easy to love,” Tracy said.
A family that is interested in adopting a child through the [This] County Department of Human Services, must first become a certified foster parent. If the child becomes legally free for adoption, that’s when parents can move forward.
The county finalizes about 45-50 adoptions a year.