behind? don’t think so.

photo: J loves to look at books.

Jeremiah was behind developmentally. The DHS workers suggested that an assessment be done. Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists would all be present to determine whether he would need in-home therapy. I filled out the questionnaire three weeks prior to the date of the assessment, and things were looking a little grim. We knew he wasn’t where he should be.

Jeremiah didn’t see his bio dad for those following three weeks after I filled out the information sheet for the Therapists. He began to thrive in every area. As you may remember, he was so content and happy. A completely different little boy than the one who had come into our home in the middle of December.

The day of the assessment came and Jeremiah just about blew their socks off. They couldn’t believe the kid they were looking at, verses the one I wrote about. He was exactly where he should be, and in some areas he’s ahead. Praise God.

When we realize why he did so well, it makes us cry. We are happy, but at the same time we wish he could be free to develop at a normal rate at all times. Workers have said that children who are under a tremendous amount of stress are unable to develop as they should. Jeremiah does not like visiting his bio dad or mom. It was evident that after not seeing them for three weeks, his development sky rocketed.

All this to say, if Jeremiah doesn’t develop likeĀ a “normal” child, we still accept him and love him. We are sure we will adopt him one day, and whatever the future holds for this little guy, we are more than pleased to be his mommy and daddy.