tom boy?

It was a beautiful summer day, unusual for our city that lies on the edge of the desert. The kids and I were spending time enjoying our shady back yard when Payton wanted me to come see what she had found. Was I going to find dog poop or a bug? What I did not expect to find was a large worm. I suppose most worms that thrive in our soil would be called “night crawlers” due to their¬†immense size. I caught sight of the long slimy worm, let out a squeal like a schoolgirl, and quickly walked away as I tried to repeatedly reassure her, “That’s nice.”

I despise anything slimy that wiggles on the ground. Those creatures that rank high on the list of ones I loathe are snakes (#1), earwigs, and worms. To my utter dismay, my daughter has an affinity towards them. Thankfully they are just worms so far, not snakes. I dread the day they are.

It’s her Daddy’s fault. He’s trying to make a tomboy out of her, and he’s been successful in some areas.