happy guy

Below is an email I sent to the Worker’s and CASA to update them on Jeremiah’s progress. I decided to save time and double up. Jeremiah has gone a few weeks without seeing his bio dad (T). It is evident when speaking with Workers who spend time with Jeremiah and T, that they believe Jeremiah has memories of his time with T prior to coming into foster care. The Workers are aware of this. Here is what I sent them:

Jeremiah has gone a few weeks without seeing T (his bio dad). Jeremiah has been doing really well, we are ecstatic with his progress in all areas.

He is starting to pull himself into a standing position. He is very mobile; he scoots all over the house and yard, and is very content playing on his own. He also really enjoys playing with Justin (foster dad), Payton, and I. When he first began moving around on the floor he would barely bump his head and cry out screaming. He is doing much better with this. He will still whine or cry out at times, but he is much more capable of calming himself down.

He has begun eating more solid foods. He had an aversion to anything close to solid for quite some time (as I talked to Lisa W. about), but has come very far in the past three weeks.

He has been extremely happy; we are thrilled with his demeanor, which has changed dramatically in the recent weeks. Although we were able to make him laugh and smile easier when he didn’t have visits with Tam (bio mom) and T, he still had a seriousness about him. Now you can just look at him and he will smile immediately most of the time.

I cannot express to you how happy and content he has been, so much so that our life is taking a different route.

For the past six months Justin and I have been in survival mode as a family. Just in the past week we have been making plans for what we want to do around the house, and yard. We have been making plans on where we want to go as a family, and have been looking forward to doing more. I believe that Jeremiah’s contentment has a large part to do with how we are doing as a family.