termination proceedings begin

The process has begun for terminating Jeremiah’s bio parent’s rights. After the parent’s rights are terminated in a case, the child is available for adoption.

First the Dept. has to find reason that the biological parents are unable to care for the child. They give the parents more than adequate support in this process.

Second, the Case Worker decides whether to start the termination proceedings.

Third, once the Case Worker has decided there is adequate cause to terminate, they meet with a team of Workers at the Dept. This team looks at everything that has been done to reunite the parents and child. If they find that there are more than enough issues keeping the parents from being able to care for the child, they agree that their rights should be terminated. This then leaves the child available for adoption.

The Case Worker then submits a request for a Termination Trial to the county attorney’s office. It will take them an average of two weeks (or so I’ve heard) to then get a date set with the court. It takes a few months for the courts to have a spot for a termination trial.

We don’t know the date of the trial yet, but there will be one. It will most likely be in a few months.

Jeremiah might have visits until the day of the trial. This is usually what happens, but the whole case is not going as “usual.” I believe it’s because we have a God that doesn’t have to follow society’s rules.