feeding the birds at the zoo (with Grandpa J)

Afraid of birds since you saw Alfred Hithcock’s movie, “The Birds”? Then you may have been in fear and trepidation of stepping into this oasis of wild winged creatures at the Cheyenne Mtn. Zoo.

This wonderful place was full of small birds of every color. I felt like a kid in a candy store. So much so that I didn’t realize that I am the one who made my daughter cry while in the sanctuary.

Seed covered popsicle sticks are available for purchase at $1 each when you enter the Bird Sanctuary. The birds eat off the sticks, will stand on the sticks, and will even land on your head. Thankfully none of us experienced claws digging into our scalps. Once I entered I knew I was destined to have bird poop adorning my head the remainder of the day at the zoo, as I have been a target for bird droppings my whole life. I came out unscathed. =)

Payton seemed to be finished with her turn of feeding and some bird seed still remained at the end of her stick. As my dad was letting her down, I grabbed the stick and tried to feed the birds. My daughter broke out in tears immediately. In my rush to experience something extraordinary myself, I was completely unaware that I had failed to let her know what I was doing. As far as she knew, Mommy was taking her stick. She was angry, and I was embarrassed. I am sure her screaming didn’t help the little birds to keep calm in their human infused setting.

A blue bird did end up landing on my food stick, and it was one of the neatest experiences. I guess I love coming in contact with something I normally wouldn’t expect in nature. The allure that I might never get to do this again brought me such joy.