7 days until Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)

7 days until Termination! The Parental Termination case will go before a judge on April 11 & 12. The judge will hear testimony stemming from before Jeremiah was taken into custody to what has happened since then. There will be testimonies by Case Workers, expert witnesses, and Justin (my husband) will even get a chance to share what we have experienced with Jeremiah.
This will be vastly different than the Termination hearing for our daughter, Payton, as her bio mom didn’t contest the Termination, so we only sat in court for an hour or two. This will be a hearing lasting two full days.
It will be painful to hear all the evidence presented. Two people have lost so much more than a parent would ever want. Yet, we have to focus on what’s best for Jeremiah. All of those who are involved know that he can’t survive with his bio parents. A very sad situation, but we are so glad that God has given us the opportunity to love him for this long, and hopefully for the rest of his life.
The judge may not make the decision in court on the 12th of April. He has an alloted amount of time to make his ruling, I believe it is about seven days.
If the judge does decide to terminate the parent’s rights, the bio parents can then make an appeal, which would go to the Denver court. The appellate court would decide whether they agree with our county judge’s decision to terminate the parent’s rights. Right now that process is taking a few months. We don’t think Tam (bio mom) will make an appeal, but T (bio dad) most likely will.
If you would like, here are some prayer needs:

Please pray for Jeremiah: that the decision would be in his best interest.

Please pray for us: that we would stay calm and level headed (especially me) during the hearing, as a lot of bogus (false) information will be brought forward.

Please pray for T (bio dad): that he would be at peace with the decision that is made by the judge.

Please pray for Tam (bio mom): when she was on her medication she knew that she couldn’t care for Jeremiah. She was very happy that he was in our home and knew he was loved. She is now missing from her assisted living home and is most likely off her meds. I am sure she is dealing with a plethora of emotions and I can’t imagine how painful it is for her. Please pray that God would release her of her pain and that she may be free.

Whatever else you want to add we would greatly appreciate.

request for more parenting time. status: denied

This morning wrapped up the final hearing on whether T (bio dad) should have more time with Jeremiah. Two hours were spent last Monday and one hour today bringing forth opinions on why or why not T should have longer visits with his son. Everyone that works with the Dept. was in agreement that more time with T would not be in Jeremiah’s best interest. Thankfully the Magistrate agreed and denied the request.
Justin has relayed much of what is said in the hearings, as I don’t attend them. The most absurd statements are made during these gatherings. I decided to share some of them.
~ One of the specialists testified that Jeremiah only takes a few steps during his visits. Our perspective: Jeremiah is walking AND running very well.
~ His bio father said, “He (J) is not a kid that wants to be read to.” Our perspective: Jeremiah loves books, and has been looking at them on his own since he was nine months old. He now looks through books while pointing and jabbering. I am sure this has no connection to us reading to him on a daily basis. (Mocking smiley face inserted here.)
~ The word “docile” was used regarding Jeremiah. Our perspective: I just have to laugh, as Jeremiah is anything BUT docile. He is a very active, happy, and emotional child. He is not afraid to make his needs known, usually through a piercing scream. He loves to chase his sister around the house, when he begins attending school we have no doubt he will be the class clown since he is always showing off. Docile? Seriously?
The saddest part of it is that during his visits with his bio father, he is docile. Those who have seen in him in both our home and at the visits testify that he is a completely different child there versus here.
Thank God we only have a little over a month until the Termination trial.