4 thoughts on “5 reasons why Jerry Seinfeld’s announcement about Autism bothers me

  1. I so agree with what you. I get so frustrated and I want to scream sometimes as I struggle with my own daughter and a million pairs of boots later because “everything is too tight” I feel so cheapened when famous people self diagnose when my child struggles.

    1. I am sorry you feel that way- my child with AUTISM who died who had probably a 10 IQ could not do anything- I mean ANYTHING- could not feed himself, dress himself, toilet, speak, no receptive language, terrible seizures etc etc etc- and I would sometimes feel that way when parents would complain about their child with Autism who was so much higher functioning- it is all relative ,but it is not really a contest- all of us with Autism are struggling- whether we are famous or in a diaper..some of us with higher IQ’s actually struggle more because we have an awareness of other peoples treatment of us .. if Jerry Seinfeld’s comment helps gain some awareness about Autism and maybe helps in halting the Eugenics (right now there is a 92% termination rate for Down Syndrome fetuses- it will very soon be higher for people with Autism) I am happy-…. we will lose our best scientists, musicians, painters, our most moral people ( the Down Syndrome population is the only population that does not rape for example).
      As a person with Autism I can tell you that it is TORTUROUS when clothing or shoes are too tight- our sensitivity level is THOUSANDS of times what a neurotypical person’s is.. if you try to make sure that everything is loose and comfortable, your child will be happier…

  2. I Have a PhD and have Autism and I have heard the same complaints- but I am tormented everyday by light and sound sensitivities.. just because people excel with Autism does not mean that we do not suffer a great deal- I feel that I should work – that it is the ethical and right thing to do- so I soldier on- but it is EXTREMELY PAINFUL- as is the forced eye contact that is like a knife in my abdomen but I do all day anyway for the comfort of others- no one knows that I am suffering- this may very well be true of Jerry Seinfeld as well ..
    In addition, Autism is a large umbrella- my 3 children with Autism (one now deceased) had IQ’s of 181, 101, and below 20- it is a large tent- we are all welcome- we all have different challenges and also gifts- but i do not want to be excluding anyone.. especially now when we are under fire from Eugenics

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