Autism Birthdays

Jeremiah turned five today. So, here’s the birthday deal. Jeremiah doesn’t like many foods (like, um, two at the moment) and doesn’t like cake, but this year I wanted cake. (I apologize to my sweet boy for the piddly cupcake, it’s your Dads fault.)

I get tired of not being able to celebrate my sons birthday like every other child. No party, except family, because it would wig him out and he’d hate it, not a big to-do because he wouldn’t notice. So, I at least wanted the cake. I did the cake. He smelled the cake, because, well, that’s what he does. He smells most things he comes in contact with. It’s cute…for now…at age five.

He smelled that cupcake, and actually licked it which was quite a celebration, he then got down from his chair, went to the fridge, opened said fridge and got out the eggs. He wanted a fried egg, so fried egg is what he got! Happy Birthday with a fried egg. That’s him on the right, eating an egg. This is our life. Life is good. We find the good.

*For those who might think “Oh, that poor child doesn’t get a birthday party,” don’t worry, Jeremiah is plenty spoiled in every other area of his life. 😉

4 thoughts on “Autism Birthdays

  1. Don’t worry about doing things perfectly or how others would “expect” a 5 year old’s birthday to go. I am glad your little boy at least gave his cake some attention=) My 4 year old Adopted Autistic daughter loves cake… but my 5 year old Biological non-autistic daughter wouldn’t even touch it with a stick. All kids are unique, wonderful, if not complex and sometimes frustrating little people. Your blog is lovely and makes me feel like I am not alone in some of my struggles.

    1. Yeah, I was thrilled that he smelled it! For him, it was something. He even touched it! That’s too funny, about your kiddos, yes, they are all unique. Thank you so much, so glad you came by and commented!

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