NBC’s Today Show focuses on adoption

A couple days ago I was watching NBC’s TODAY Show and they had a segment on adoption. This particular broadcast was focusing on an adopted woman finding her birth mother. At first I was excited to see the TODAY Show recognizing adoption, and wondered why they hand’t done so more often because Al Roker is adoptive father. Then I was disappointed because I thought this segment was the only adoption related coverage they were going to give. I know finding birth families can be important to adopted children, but I didn’t want this to be all that was highlighted.

Being busy with this blog, kiddos, Autism, and life I missed that the TODAY Show was focusing on adoption all week long! This is awesome! So my first impression  was wrong, and I’m delighted. On the adoption focused segment today, twelve children were adopted LIVE on the show.  You can see it here! The judge who finalized these adoptions had the children ring bells instead of her pounding her gavel, she said it’s kind of reminiscent of It’s a Wonderful Life when the angels get their wings, or when a bell is rung in a hospital when a baby’s born. How completely appropriate.

There are more stories, as they are highlighting adoption every day this week. There was a very touching video where children who are available for adoption from foster care share who they REALLY are, not the irreparable children society makes them out to be, and a young woman shared her desire to have a forever family at the age of nineteen.

After the broadcast about the Reuters investigation, I am happy to see NBC give attention to the positives about adoption! Be sure to check out these stories, and tell NBC how much you appreciate their focus on adoption. One way you can do so is by going to Twitter and writing #adoptionTODAY and sharing your thoughts.