they seized the spotlight


HGTV has a new realty show coming out starring The Hatmakers. International adoption, a Harley riding pastor, a writer, and a renovation will all take center stage, or center of the t.v. screen. I am jealous. Oh, wait, did I just utter those words? I’m really not jealous. For a minute second I was, but I got over it.

See, when we were doing foster care we were told we should be on a reality t.v. show. Foster care, a guy that builds hot rods (as in cool cars), a writer, and a renovation (which happens to be smack dab next to the in-laws, which in itself makes for an uproarious program). (That was all before Autism came into the picture.) Sounded interesting, and now they’ve sort of done it (not talking about the Hollywood version The Fosters). When it was mentioned we should become super famous, I considered it, and then those thoughts quickly flew from my mind because my life is full, no really FULL.

For this post, I began to write comparisons between us and the Hatmakers, but it sounded horribly inane and arrogant. I have no idea what their daily life is like, what they struggle with in their personal and social lives. All I know is everything about myself, and I don’t think it’s pretty enough to plaster on television. But then, maybe the Hatmaker’s don’t think that of their lives either. Maybe they’re doing this to get the word out about adoption, or since they’re “overtly Christian,” maybe that’s what they hope to share with the world.

All I know is that as I envisioned myself on a reality show, it didn’t measure up to my first perception. I have horrible health issues, sometimes I am not kind, or patient, I’ve been falling apart these past weeks because of either my sons Autism being excessively difficult, or because my supplements are out of whack. Our life is busy and stressful just as any other, adding to that concoction wouldn’t be beneficial to our family, or the viewing public. I’m honest about our life, I like to be transparent, but a t.v. show? Don’t think so. So, have fun Hatmaker family, I really wish you all the best! May you show the world what adoption is and how amazing it can be and how God is REAL and ALIVE!

Do you feel your family has it “together” enough to star on a reality show? Is there such a thing as having it “together”? What if we lived every day as if we were on a reality show? What would that look like?