13 (funny) reasons you know your child has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) (originally posted in part by Shut UP)

If you have a child with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) you can relate to what www.shutupabout.com wrote about SPD. Their post titled, “Top 13 Reasons You Know You’re Raising a Child with Sensory Issues.” At the top they hit it off with a bang, and it’s something all of us SPD mommies can identify with. It says, “Please excuse my excited mood. My sensory kid ate a new food!” Their post continues with some laughable signs that your child may have sensory issues. The following is from Shut Up with a few additions from our life with SPD:

#13) You don’t care if you end up in prison for cutting pillow tags.

#12) You wonder if the reason Rapunzel’s hair was so long was because she screamed at the hairdresser and her mother couldn’t take it.

#11) You seek out children with buzz cuts as playmates for your child because he doesn’t understand that hair pulling feels bad to most people.

#10) Putting on your child’s seatbelt counts as your daily cardio.

#9) Your child wears jogging pants to his First Communion.

#8) You equate Disney World with Hell.

#7) When your child is missing and the first place you look is on top of your refrigerator. (In our case, outside on the trampoline.)

#6) Your son tells you the bug he ate was really crispy.

#5) You generously tip your child’s hairdresser — with Prozac.

#4) Your child goes to sleep with sweatpants, ski pants, snowmobile suit, and  a full backpack and it’s the middle of summer. (In our case our son is naked any time of year.)

#3) You carry ear protection meant for the shooting range in your diaper bag.

#2) You don’t care if your child looks like Edward Scisscorhands because you hate cutting their nails.

#1) You’re worried more about the sound of the fire alarm than the actual fire.


Yes, our life is filled with adventure, and this is only a small portion of the fun we have. I hope you got a laugh out of this. Be sure to take a look at my post, Sensory Processing Disorder #2 (does your child have sensory issues?), where I give specific advice on how to help your kiddos.

Another great resource is from Not Alone. They give ideas for sensory activities on their Pinterest page: Sensory Activities. And if you’re looking for more information and help with SPD, they have additional resources on their Pinterest page: SPD: Sensory Processing Disorder.

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