play = bonding time (adoption/foster)

I came across this great post on the Tapestry website called “What’s Your Play Personality?”

Life can be overwhelming when you have children with special needs. I could make a list that runs a mile long, but it comes down to making time to play with our kids. Want to know what you can spend a ton of time doing and you won’t regret a single moment? Playing with your kids. The rewards are plentiful. We never know what tomorrow may bring for any of us, and playing with our children helps them bond with us.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts here, we will not make progress with our children’s behaviors until they have bonded with us. Check out the above link to see what types of play you like to engage in and tailor it to your child’s likes. Don’t forge their play personality either, show them that you care enough to spend time doing what they’re interested in.

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