what can a diagnosis mean?

This blog post by the Attachment and Trauma Network is very insightful when it comes to diagnosis’. Although I believe my daughter would have been diagnosed with the new Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder, I would conclude that we have been able to help her tremendously (through God’s guidance) without that specific diagnosis. One of the main symptoms of Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder is a child’s comfort with complete strangers (will walk away with anyone). That was my daughter, and to a certain point, it’s still there. Yet I don’t think that diagnosis would have helped us. We knew she wasn’t wary of strangers, but then what child, who has lived with several people, isn’t? Thus we worked on it, and as she has bonded, that comfort with outsiders has subsided into the background.

I would agree with the woman who wrote the post, that a diagnosis that highlights most of the struggles your child has will help in getting an IEP for school, therefore getting them assistance they need in the classroom.