time, time, time is tickin’ away

Waiting on the Department of Human Services. As always.
Our attorney cannot schedule a court date for Jeremiah’s adoption until she hears back from our adoption worker.
Our adoption worker seems to be under a little bit of stress. I don’t know if it comes from her duties at the Dept., or if it comes from her home life. One thing I do know is that she might want to think about changing her recording on her voice mail… “Hi, you’ve reached Megan Cartwright. I’m unavailable to get to the phone right now. Please leave a message, and it will be returned within forty-eight hours. Oh CRAP!”
It seems that her life is a tad bit out of control right now, so I’m not surprised that virtually NOTHING has been done with Jeremiah’s case. All I can say is, I am SO glad that termination is done. The worrying is over. Now we just wait. And since Megan is in charge of that, we could be waiting a long time.