little Jeremiah turns one

We are so happy Jeremiah is with us. We are blessed to celebrate his 1st birthday with him. What an amazing transformation this child has made! My dad says that if you never saw him in his first few months with us, you would never believe what he was like. He has made such drastic changes. When he’s not having visits with his bio dad, He is the happiest, most content little guy. He brings us joy so often.

Because of his rough infancy, I found it saddened me to be celebrating his first birthday. Of course I was thrilled to be with him and wished for nothing else. I just realized that I wanted him to stay little a while longer. Honestly I am not ready for him to grow up yet.

We celebrated Jeremiah’s birthday with a party at our house, we invited a few friends and had a good time. His actual birthday happened on the road, traveling to my Grandma’s for her surprise birthday party. We stopped and played at the park in Valentine, Nebraska. Both kids, as well as us parents, enjoyed the time playing during the long 14 hour drive.