judge rotenberg center

People would be outraged if this happened to animals. But the truth is, it’s happening to children at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in New York. We must take action, as Jess who wrote this post says, “That young man screaming for help in the video? He’s my daughter. He’s your son. He is our brothers and sisters. He is all of us.”
Jess gives tangible ideas of what to do to help these children who are being tortured. We CAN do something. We CAN help. We don’t have to sit by and wonder what we could do. We don’t have to let this haunt us. Take steps to shut down the JRC.

a diary of a mom


In this Aug. 13, 2014, photo, a female student wearing a shocking device on her leg, lines up with classmates after lunch at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Canton, Mass. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) Source

What you are about to read and watch and hear will be extremely difficult to process. It’s horrifying. I’m asking you to read it anyway.

It’s necessary, because we need to understand that this is happening. Not in some far off country that we can claim no control over, but here, in our very own back yard.

Please read. Please watch. Please listen. And then, please, for the love of God, act.

This can’t continue.

“The first shock was in my leg. It was a stinging, ripping, and pulling pain that froze time. I was standing when it happened, and I immediately fell because I lost control of my leg. It hurt, but…

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