it takes a village: how one organization takes the concept and applies it to adoption

it takes a village
Years ago, a group from Caminul Felix (Happy Home) came to our church to share about their organization and several children sang beautiful Romanian songs. Caminul Felix is amazing, and I wanted to share what they do and a story that was recently highlighted in their newsletter.

What exactly is Caminul Felix? They began in Romania and have since expanded to Thailand and are working to build a village in Africa. They have villages of adoptive families, each family having an average of fifteen children. The villages are set-up with homes in a circular pattern, having a gathering place in the middle, usually with playground equipment.

I love Caminul Felix’s concept of community and support. I’m also continually amazed at how well their children do considering the trauma they’ve been through.

In Caminul Felix’s latest newsletter, Veronica Butuc-Mayer shared Tania’s story. Although each newsletter has wonderful stories of healing, I thought I’d share this one with you.

Tania Gabriela Lupu was born on March 4, 2008 following a cohabiting relationship. When the father went to work in the Czech Republic, four children remained behind: Nadia, Eduard, Tania, and Ivan (all under age 7).

Their mother, saying that she was looking for work, often left home for two or three days, leaving the four children unattended. The children needed to fend for themselves, and Nadia was left with the difficult job of taking care of them. Neighbors and their kindergarten teacher notified the authorities, who sheltered the children in a transitional center until the court’s sentence. They lived there for a year, until they were entrusted to Caminul Felix.

Shy, the four siblings stepped again into the unknown, when, on July 6, 2012, they came to our home. They were received with much love by us, their parents, and their many brothers and sisters. They were given nice rooms, clean clothes and colorful toys, warm and tasty food, but most of all, they received our love.

Tania is now in the process of adapting to her new extended family. She is a very sweet, smart and friendly girl. She likes to dress up, put on beautiful clothes. She’s in the preparatory class at the local school. Her face radiates, and it’s always covered in smiles. She was born in the spring and she shows it: she brings a ray of sunshine to our souls.

I recently attended the parent’s meeting with Tania’s class. The lady teacher wanted to meet us and thank us for Tania’s presence and attitude in class. She is doing great, she’s the best reader of all, she has a spirit of leadership and, above all, she’s happy and cheerful as sunshine and springtime…These were the words that her school teacher used to describe Tania.

I wish to remain a witness of the miraculous transformation that Tania will experience, to encourage her to keep her springy smile, to be an example for her and to be there for her when the scars of her soul may be reopened.

I love to hear these adoption stories. A child who came from such darkness, such despair, and now has a family, a community, dedicated to their well-being. I have no idea how these large families do it, but many of them do.

In Caminul Felix’s newsletters you can see a picture of a child who came to a family, looking sad, still dealing with, not only their trauma, but their loss. Later you can look the same child and see immense joy in their eyes, satisfaction, and purpose. Beautiful.

Caminul Felix can use supporters and child sponsors.

I’d love to hear your child’s story in the comments below. Maybe you didn’t adopt a child from trauma, but an infant who needed a family, that child and your family have a story that’s just as amazing.

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