Jeremiah’s bio mom is back

Jeremiah is having visits with his bio mom again.

I’m sure it all gets a little confusing when you’re not living it day to day. We have been told, “I thought the bio mom’s rights had already been terminated.” That’s not quite the situation. It was discussed, but never came to fruition.

Many months ago a psychologist said that Tam’s (bio mom) rights should be terminated, as she would never be able to parent. Period. Some other Workers on the case said that Tam should be kept in the visits because she was like a playmate for Jeremiah. (If you have kept up with our blog since Jeremiah came, you might remember me mentioning this before.) She brought a calmness to the visit that his bio dad didn’t. In the end it was decided (in court) that T (bio dad) would have his visit one week and Tam (bio mom) would have her visit the next week. We were okay with this compromise.

Tam missed quite a few visits, and then she went missing from the Assisted Living home where she was staying. It took quite a while for her to become stabilized on her medications so she could start up her visits again. In fact, it was taking so long that we thought she might not be able to visit him again. So much for thinking too much without knowing the facts…

We were so blessed with the set up Jeremiah had with his visits. He was only having to visit his bio dad every other week, which gave him an entire week to recoup and live a normal life before he was thrown back into the nitty gritty again. He was doing so well in those weeks when he didn’t have to see his bio parents.

When he had to go back and have a visit with Tam, it really threw him for a loop. It was so strange how differently he reacted to the visit with Tam versus the visits with T. After T’s he  is pissed off. He kicks and screams at me (especially after he hadn’t seen T in one month due to him not confirming for one of them).

After the visit with Tam he cried all the time. When we were at home, I couldn’t leave the room, and anything could make him upset. I had to keep Payton (my daughter) away from him because she would move a toy and he would break down crying. That then set her off because things were so emotional and she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t play with him like she always does.

So frustrating, but I am glad we have a termination date set and are on our way.