there’s nothing i can do

The little “i” is purposefully inserted into the title of this post because i think many of us believe we are too small, too insignificant to make any real changes in this world.

That just isn’t true. I have realized this colossal passion for children in foster care, which laid dormant inside of me for years. The little “i” wondered what in the world i could do to make a difference in this often overlooked world. That world was too big to change, and i am not a politician.

Today someone heard my voice, someone who can make a BIG difference. i talked to our County Commissioner, Janet, for thirty minutes today expressing SOME of my many concerns. She listened. Janet works with DHS and will be attending an important meeting soon. Some major overhauling is happening in the Department right now, and she is going to be discussing some of the issues I spoke to her about.

She then asked me if i would be willing to come speak to Department Worker’s at meetings, be on a committee, or be someone she can stay in contact with regarding foster care. I am ecstatic. I have finally figured out how to make the changes necessary for the children who have no voice. I have found a way to speak for them. I hope my voice is heard loud and clear!!!!!

I’ve got Jesus at my side… He can perform miracles like we’ve never seen, but He also asks us to be His hands and feet. HERE WE COME!!!!!