98 and still going strong

Grandma Helene w/ the kiddos

I have a dear “adopted” Grandma, her name is Helene. We were able to meet her at my parent’s home near Colorado Springs, CO. Helene will turn 99 next month. She is an amazing woman, and not just because she is only on one medication, she went on a cruise when she was 97, or that she recently took a road trip with her friend from Fargo, North Dakota to Colorado. Okay, she is remarkable for those reasons, but also because she respectfully listens to those who are more than 60 years younger than her. She has a joyous nature about herself that I have rarely seen in the years I have worked with the elderly. Her dear husband died many years ago due to complications with his emphysema, his condition was caused by chemicals used while farming. She could blame someone else for his death, but she doesn’t. Her heart is so pure. She is selfless and a tremendous delight to be around. I could gain much wisdom from her.

My parents met her and her husband, Eddie, when they were living in a (Retirement) community in Texas. I was two. They have been close friends with them ever since.

Eddie and Helene never did have children. I have always thought they would have made the best Grandparents. They did, they were just “adopted,” which is just fine with me. I now look back at pictures of me with the two of them. They have smiles that stretch from ear to ear, and Eddie has barrettes and pony tail holders scattered about his hair and looks as if he is having the time of his life.

Have you ever had an older person in your life that you admired? Someone that you wish you could sit down for hours and talk with? Eddie and Helene are two of these people in my life.